“When we were building our custom home, we quickly realized that given the size, we’d need to control all of our systems—lights, windows, pool, security, climate—remotely. Over the months it took to design our project, Bob worked with us closely to find out how we wanted to interact with the system. He was then able to clearly articulate our options and patiently walked us through the process. We were very impressed with the level of competence and skill of the team that installed the system, and after we moved into our home, they were always there to help us work out the inevitable wrinkles. They have great customer service and their commitment to their clients is evident; they continue to be available when we want to make changes to the system. I have no hesitation in recommending Axiom.”

Marin County, CA

“Axiom designed all the audio/visual systems for our new house, as well as the integration with HVAC, lighting, security and other systems. We were very pleased with their work. I’m technically inclined and had a good idea of the capabilities I wanted, but Axiom showed me how to realize those capabilities with available technology and how to make it all clean and easy to use; I think their user interface design skills are a particular strength. Axiom also supervised the contractor doing the construction, and the end result is a system that is reliable and still meeting our needs well. We would use them again.”

Portola Valley, CA

“The Axiom team educated us on all the available technologies and discussed the benefits and costs of each option. They made what seemed to be difficult at first into a very simple collaboration. With real budgets and real deliverables, I especially appreciated the flexibility of design proposed by Axiom as our home project changed and we were able to add elements to the design as the project evolved. Axiom created an amazing lifestyle for us through technology and I would recommend them highly.”

Danville, CA

“Four years ago, we hired Axiom Design for the security camera, networking, and A/V systems at our home. Their planning, execution, as well as continuing maintenance and enhancement were outstanding. As a result of our great experience, we’ve recently engaged Axiom in a new project. It has been a pleasure to work with them—they are simply the best.”

Los Altos, CA


“Our discerning clients want simple and sensible solutions that work, and Axiom delivers—every time! They conscientiously deliver everything my clients need to have their projects built efficiently, and the end product is always stunning.”

Laura Hunt
Interior Designer
Laura Hunt Design & Decoration

“We really appreciate being part of a team with Axiom Design. Our services and goals are both directly tied to a satisfied client and successful project. Most AV-related companies rely on supplying equipment at high mark-ups and since both Axiom and CRA are consultants and only specify the best solutions for the project and do not supply equipment, we can both remain objective and focus on the client’s needs. This is refreshing for us and I’m sure refreshing for the clientele.”

Granville McNear
Craig Roberts Associates

“This is just a note to thank you and your team at Axiom Design personally for contributing to the major success of the “Museum House” project. As an Architect focusing on Modern Luxury Residential I require the most capable and committed engineering consultants. The consulting engineering team at Axiom Design has a relentless drive for perfection and passionate commitment to home technologies. Thank You!

The Museum House required an astounding amount of technology per square foot, simplicity of user interface, and all to be virtually invisible. Your creativity, willingness to embrace architectural context, and understanding of client requirements led to truly unique successful technology solutions. I was laughing to myself as I walked the finished project; “no one will ever know the true complexity of this project, everything is so well integrated, hidden…” Only the project design team committed to engineering, coordination, and detailing will know this. Axiom has been a key member of this design team from the start and truly has made a difference; job well done…

I appreciate you and your team at Axiom embracing project context, not status quo. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I would highly recommend Axiom Design as electronic system design engineer for low-voltage, overlay control, distributed audio/video, security, access control, CCTV, and home theaters.

Looking forward to future projects together.”

Joe McRitchie
McRitchie Design


“Finding the right people to work on your home can be a very stressful process. When it comes to choosing an technology consultant we recommend hiring Axiom Design. Axiom provides guidance in making smart design choices for your home while working closely with your architects, integrators, designers and general contractors. The documentation which Axiom produces helps facilitate competitive bidding as well as provide a solid path for installation. When our clients hire Axiom, we feel confident knowing they will provide the support needed during all construction phases to make sure the job gets done correctly, on budget while meeting or exceeding the clients expectations.”

David Dhaliwal
General Contractor
Van Acker Construction

“We have been working with Axiom Design for many years because when we have them on our projects, they take the job to the next level and our clients are always delighted with the result. Their attention to detail is second to none, and they treat the project site as if it was their own home. It is a true pleasure to work with Axiom.”

Manny Escobar
System Integrator
PSS Electronic Systems

“Because the systems we install require complex programming, we rely on Axiom for their ability to create intuitive, easy to navigate, customizable user interfaces that provide superb functionality. In addition, Axiom provides excellent customer support and responds promptly to all queries. I have worked with Axiom Design for more than 15 years and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Kurt Mortensen
System Intergrator
President, KMS, Inc.
Audio and Video Custom

“As a systems integrator with more than 20 years of experience, I’ve never worked with a more skilled group of designers and engineers than the team at Axiom. Their documentation is both thoughtful and meticulous, making it invaluable to integrators and homeowners alike.”

Patrick J. Calderone
AVX Design & Integration, Inc.

“We have been in business for over 30 years, and our association with Axiom Design has shown us they are head and shoulders above the rest. Their clarity of design and documentation, quality of finished projects, and ongoing support are the best in the business. We know that when they are on the job, it will be a success and something we are proud to be associated with.”

Dave Driggs
Electrical Contractor
Heritage Electric

“We have worked with Axiom’s team for more than ten years, and it’s no exaggeration to say they bring a level of organization and system planning to each project that is unsurpassed in the Bay Area. Bob Kranson is especially good at working with both clients and contractors to clearly establish expectations, define technical specifications, and serve as a knowledgeable intermediary between key players in the process. Without a doubt, our most complex and successful projects in recent years have been the ones spearheaded by Axiom.”

Mike Pedrick
Communication Contractor

“ The best way to describe my many experiences with Axiom Design is by simply sharing the words of the homeowner when the project was complete.

“This project was so simple and painless”…….“It just all worked”……..I had to remind the client  that it really wasn’t that simple, we just tried really hard to make it look that way. I let him know that the Axiom team working behind the scenes worked tirelessly to make sure the end result was exactly what the client said, “it all just worked.”

We had many logistical and technology based challenges on this project and yet still managed to get it done in time for us to complete the project on schedule. The team at Axiom was both easy to work with and are great assets of the company.”

Lance Crabbe
Design Systems Limited

“I have known Robert since the 1990’s, before knowing he was the founder of Axiom. It wasn’t until I started my custom A/V business with my brother on the east coast and ran into Bob a few years later at a CEDIA event that I discovered we share a common thread. Knowing and trusting Bob as we do, my brother and I quickly explored ways in which we could help one another build our business and serve our clients. It wasn’t long afterward that we hired Axiom Design to custom design, engineer and program projects for us. Their ability to be concise, clear, to the point and extremely detail oriented . It became obvious that every aspect of an Axiom Design project is unprecedented and Best in Class. There is a reliability about Axiom that can’t be found elsewhere, and we should know. I am confident that when we do a complicated integration system “walk through” with our clients, the interface created by Axiom is simple, easy to use and dependable. These are two important facets that we strive for in our business. Axiom allows us to shine even greater in the faces of our clients.”

Christopher Koziarski
Kozi Media Design